Focus on QRT preparation process

Most QRT tools are designed primarily to support the templates submissions. We understand that QRT reporting is not only a data transformation exercise but also involves calculations, data compilations and other activities. Our Tool was not designed by IT specialists but professionals having a strong hands-on experience with QRT preparations and reporting.

We made a special effort to enhance the templates reporting cycle and strengthen the control over the preparation process

The most powerful QRT checking tool

We have created the strongest QRT checking engine on the market with many non-EIOPA error checks and warnings. Most QRT tools validate reports primarily against EIOPA validations or do not go far beyond that.

For us EIOPA validations were only a starting point to build the reporting quality assurance solution that not only detects errors but also flags up unusual and unexpected situations.

Clarity, simplicity, beauty

We took special care to make the tool clear, simple, easy to use and yes, beautiful.

We simplified the standard long descriptions e.g. instead of  “Assets held for index-linked and unit-linked contracts” we just wrote “Assets held for UL”, “Annuities stemming from non-life insurance contracts” are simplified to “Non-life Annuities” etc.

The graphical elements we have added make the Tool nicer to work with e.g. countries and currencies are represented by flags. They are not waving yet but they may in the next version.

Practicality and relevance

The elements that enhance the QRT preparation process have been put in the center of the Tool functionality. A user tailored navigation through the reporting package, the dashboard and errors / warnings handling tabs are always one click away.

Typically actuarial department works only with TP QRTs, accounting department with accounting QRTs, capital modeling with SCR etc. hence the Tool has a possibility to filter out the templates that are relevant for a specific type of user. You do not have to navigate though a huge reporting package as you have got “on the table” only elements that are relevant for you.